The Las Vegas Raiders continue to be disrespected throughout the offseason. No one has faith that this team can do what they need to do to compete. The Raiders have one of the best rosters in football, and people should start acting like it. Not to mention some of the best players at certain positions like the receiver.

According to Dan Hanzus of, he thinks the Raiders are not a top-10 team this season. There are a few teams on his list that definitely should not be above the Raiders, too.

Raiders continue to be disrespected by the national media

I get that people need to see this team in some action first with their new roster, but I think we already know what it will look like. This team could be the best team in the best division in football. Hanzus doesn’t seem to think so, as he ranked the Raiders 11th.

Here is why:

“No more free lunch for Josh Jacobs, who enters his fourth pro season without the safety net provided by the men — jettisoned GM Mike Mayock and head coach Jon Gruden — who made him a first-round pick back in 2019. Jacobs was a surprise starter in the Hall of Fame Game last week, seeing significant work on a night when several key Raiders didn’t play a snap. It sure had the feel of a team looking to showcase a player on the trade market, a notion Josh McDaniels has shot down. Then again, McDaniels is a Belichick disciple — the man is more likely to share his credit card info than give you insight into the team’s internal thought process.”

His insert on why he has the team where he has them doesn’t really tell us anything.

11th is not what I have a problem with, but instead some of the teams that are above them. For starters, the Bengals are not better than the Raiders, let alone the fifth-best team in football. I know they beat the Raiders (barely) and went on to the Super Bowl, but which team got better over the offseason, and which kind of stayed the same?

I also think he is relying on Aaron Rodgers a bit too much by putting the Green Bay Packers at six, another team that on paper is not better than the Raiders, especially this year.

And let’s not forget about the terrible year the Ravens had last season as one of the league’s ‘worst-good’ teams. Yes, Lamar Jackson is healthy now. However, they have not done a good job of building that team around him.

The Raiders are ranked the lowest of anyone in the division, and I think you could make a case for them to be the highest or at least higher than the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs.

I could see this team being ranked ninth or eighth and I would not be upset by that at all. However, some of these rankings make no logical sense. But it is preseason rankings, and they are power rankings, so they will change. when the Raiders are taking the league by storm, people will have no choice but to give them their flowers.

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