The Las Vegas Raiders have made themselves title contenders in as little as one offseason. Last year, no one had them even making the playoffs, but they did. Now, they are putting people on notice. They can win a Super Bowl within the next few years. However, those championship windows don’t stay open for very long.

Usually, things happen within the team. Players leave, rifts start, and things go the exact opposite way you would ever want them to go. These things happen to every dynasty. Just look at the Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls.

The Raiders are making sure they do everything they can to keep that window open as long as possible, and it starts with the team chemistry.

Raiders’ Carr thinks the chemistry is the best part of the offseason

Having great team chemistry is one of the most important things when it comes to winning a championship. Guys have to love playing for and with the guys on their team. Everyone has to buy in. If they don’t, it will never work. The Raiders are working on that.

“Anytime you get new coaches, new schemes, you are going to get new players,” Derek Carr told reporters on Thursday. “The last couple of years I felt our team was really close, then some of those guys leave and they bring new guys in, hopefully, you can create that.

“I think we talked about it in the offseason about this is the time for that, this is a time for learning and this is also a time to get to know each other and be a team. Whenever you can get everyone on the same page, going the same direction, it just makes coming to work that much better.”

Carr is right. that is exactly what the offseason is for. The preseason games and the training camp are great to use to refine and sharpen your skills. However, it’s so important to use that to build chemistry as well.

Chemistry is everything. Togetherness is everything. If the Raiders want to become a dynasty and compete for Championships every year, they need chemistry, and they need guys bought in.

I hate to say this, but the Chiefs are a great example. They have not been to four straight AFC Championship games, and two Super Bowls because they did not buy in and had bad chemistry. That just is not a thing. It starts now. Las Vegas did a great job of showing that against the Jaguars, but it has to continue.

The Raiders will be a championship contender year in and year out of they do this.

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