The Las Vegas Raiders have several things they could do with their first pick in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. They need help on both sides of the ball, defense more than offense, but are good in some areas.

For instance, they don’t need a wide receiver at number one, because they already have the best receiver in the league in Davante Adams, and there are bigger needs.

They don’t need a tight end at seven because they have Darren Waller. Do you see where I’m going here? Sure, they can still draft those positions because you could always use depth, but not with their very first pick.

So, there are three guys they should stay away from, whether it be because they don’t need it, or the prospect just isn’t good.

Will Levis, Kentucky QB

For some reason every single year there is a quarterback that isn’t great but isn’t bad, that has average stats, didn’t win anything, and is just very average, that rises up the draft. This year that guy is Will Levis, as most mocks or big boards have him top five.

In my opinion, I think the Raiders should stay away from him because I don’t think he will be a good NFL quarterback. Of course, I could easily be wrong. But, Levis seems like a guy you would get in the third or fourth round, not the top 10. Or maybe the late first and second rounds. If they get a quarterback, I’d prefer someone else.

Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech Edge

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Wilson’s game. He is as dynamic a pass rusher at the edge position as there is in the league. He has a lot of moves that he uses to get to the quarterback, and they all work. But, the Raiders should stay away from him.

He just isn’t in a position of need. Even though the Raiders need defense, an edge is the one thing they don’t need, and won’t pick until the middle or later rounds. Wilson is a stud though, and he will be a great pass rusher on another team.

Myles Murphy, Clemson Edge

This one is exactly the same as Wilson. Murphy is really, really good. In fact, he may be the second-best guy at his position in the draft behind Will Anderson. He can play the pass and stop the run. And, there were a few times in college we saw him drop back into coverage.

But, the Raiders don’t need an edge. On the line, they need an interior defender. They already have Maxx Crosby and are paying Chandler Jones a ton of money. Why would they take an edge?

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