The Las Vegas Raiders have not been shown a whole lot of love this offseason, even though they were a playoff team just last year. It seems like people are forgetting that they went toe-to-toe with the losing team in the Super Bowl.

But that was last year, and 2022 is a new season. One in which the Raiders will likely be better. Even with the roster being better than it was last season, no one shows this team love when it comes to being the favorites.

Recently, one sports media outlet had the Raiders as a favorite. Just not the favorites to win the Super Bowl. However, it is still something fans should be excited about.

Bleacher Report has Raiders as favorites to land star player

While no one really holds any weight with what people from Bleacher Report say, it is still cool to see the silver and black get some love.

According to Gary Davenport of Bleacher Report, the Raiders are a high potential landing spot for the star linebacker Roquan Smith in Chicago. While there is a bigger possibility than not that it won’t happen, we can still think about the what-if.

Here is why Davenport chose the Raiders as a potential destination:

“The Las Vegas Raiders have made it abundantly clear that they are all-in on making a deep playoff run in 2022. That became evident when the team traded for star wide receiver Davante Adams. But even after giving Adams a massive $140 million extension, the Raiders are still sitting on $22.3 million in cap space. Only the Cleveland Browns have more. The Raiders have no shortage of offensive talent, but the team’s 19th-ranked run defense is another story… Adding Smith won’t be cheap, in terms of pick(s) or salary. But if he’s the missing piece in the puzzle that gets the Raidersinto their first Super Bowl since 2002, no one will care even a little what it costs.”

Davenport is right. The Raiders need to make a push for Smith. That is one thing the team is missing on that side of the ball, and his presence can take them from the potential bottom of their division to the top of the AFC. I’m not saying they will finish at the bottom without him, but because of how deep the division is, you never know. That is why they should capitalize on the move.

Outside the offensive line, the Raiders have everything they need on the offensive side of the ball, but the defense could still use some work. Smith will help in all the areas the Raiders need help in. Now, all they have to do is go out and get the guy.

You can read the rest of the article here.

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