The Las Vegas Raiders have a very good roster, and I think almost everyone knows that. A large part of that is because of the depth they have at nearly every position, besides the offensive line, of course.

If you want to win in this league, you have to have depth. Injuries happen, and teams can’t control them. But, they can, however, control how prepared they are for when those injuries happen.

The Raiders seem to be prepared, and head coach Josh McDaniels seems to think so as well.

“I think that every decision that we try to make is with that [depth] in mind. Dave [Ziegler] and his group have, going all the way back to February or March, have tried to add as many competitive bodies in each position group as we could,” McDaniels told reporters on Sunday. “I really think that we have found a lot of the right kind of people to come in here that are really interested in that kind of competition.

“The attitude, the approach that we have from some of the veteran guys that were here before, and then also a lot of the young guys who you have seen a lot of football be played by those guys in the preseason. I just think our overall commitment to trying to improve the competition across the board… we will see how much better that has made our team. We certainly have made each position room competitive.”

The Raiders have had one of the more interesting training camps that I’ve seen in terms of position battles. The depth chart is looking good, and if you are not a star or haven’t been with the team for a super long time, your spot isn’t guaranteed.

That’s a good problem to have, because like we stated before, injuries happen, and it’s more than great to have guys who can step up and be ready.

On top of that, the Raiders have a lot of young guys who are depth pieces. If they can develop them, that will only help them in the future as well.

The Raiders seem to have it all so far, besides an offensive line, if they can get that figured out, the rest will come. It will be exciting to see who gets some playing time in terms of the depth pieces on this roster.

Featured Image Via Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports