The Las Vegas Raiders are very close to having the start of a season they never hoped for. They are in danger of starting the season 0-2, something they haven’t done since the 2018 season when they started the year with three straight losses, and only won four games the entire season.

This year, they are far too talented to go 4-12. However, they aren’t far too talented to start 0-2.

Here are three things they need to do on Sunday to make sure they avoid that 0-2 start.

Pass protection

Derek Carr needs to have more protection, and for a few reasons. For one, he got hit way too many times, and while a lot of Raiders fans don’t like it, Carr is the franchise quarterback, and Stidham isn’t better.

Secondly, if we want a chance to get to see this amazing offense everyone is talking about, they need to give Carr time to throw the ball. He had almost no time, and I’m sure there is a stat out there somewhere where Carr has one of the fastest throw times in Week 1. The Raiders’ offensive line allowed Carr to be sacked six times in Week 1, and that cannot happen.

Need to run the ball more

The Raiders ran the ball well when they did run the ball. They ran it 13 times for 64 yards. It was working, they were just forced to go away from it by way of game script. Jacobs needs more touches. He averaged 5.7 yards per carry against the Chargers.

If they can run the ball more than 13 times against the Cardinals, I think the offense will work much better. The run game will balance everything out. It will also open up the big plays down the field more, and help with spreading the ball around. That way Davante Adams isn’t getting 17 targets again.

Utilize the slot receiver more

Hunter Renfrow didn’t do much against the Chargers. Then again, it’s kind of hard to when 17 of the pass attempts are going to one player. Renfrow caught three of the six targets for 21 yards in Week 1.

In Week 2, he needs more attention. He can be a game changer at his position and is probably one of the league’s best pure slot receivers. If he can get more looks, that means the ball is being spread around more than it was last week, which is exactly what everyone should want.

Featured Image Via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports