This league has so many good running backs, it’s truly insane. You have the guys that everyone thinks about, like Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, Derrick Henry, Nick Chubb, and I could keep going.

But there is one guy that is one of the more underrated in the league, and he just so happens to be a member of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Josh Jacobs isn’t a name that gets brought up much when talking about the top-10 running backs. I think he should, but it isn’t asinine to put him outside that range.

Coming into the year, Jacobs had the expiring contract hovering over his head, not knowing if he would be a Raider or not next season, especially with a new regime in the building.

I think it is pretty apparent that they might want him back after how he has performed this year.

“Josh [Jacobs] has really grown into one of my favorite players on the team,” Raiders’ offensive coordinator Mick Lombardi said.

“Obviously because of the kind of person he is, and all of those kinds of things, but just because you can see that he exudes the love of football.”

You could even say the hope for an extension or even a big payday with another team has fueled the way he has played this year, which has rocketed him into that top-10 conversation.

A lot of people put him in the top-20 area, but there are certain things that separate him from that area.

“He is a football-playing, old-school, wants to get the ball downhill, and wants the ball. You give him a new thing, and he takes full advantage of it, and wants to go, and go, and go, and go, and go, and is all ball,” Lombardi said.

“He is very smart, can take coaching, and wants to be coached hard… It has been really fun to watch him grow in this offense.”

This isn’t saying that those other guys that you may think are above Jacobs don’t have these qualities, it’s me saying that he has all of them, and those guys don’t.

Jacobs is different in the way he likes to run. He is an old-school runner in the way he likes to run downhill, but he also knows how to be patient and look for the open gap, or bounce to the outside if it’s not there, and create something out of nothing.

Even though we saw a huge play from him in the passing game against Denver in Week 11, he is also different in that he doesn’t do a whole lot in the passing game, at least not like a ton of backs in today’s game.

I’m not here to say Jacobs is the best running back in the league, but he is underrated and not talked about enough.

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