The Las Vegas Raiders are finally doing something they haven’t done all year long, and that’s winning consecutive games.

Doing that is showing that they may be starting to put it together. Yeah, it may be a little too late for that, but it’s better late than never, especially after figuring out that Josh McDaniels will be in Las Vegas after this season.

The Raiders are winning nonetheless, and they have won two straight in walk-off fashion. Now, it’s about keeping that consistency, because believe it or not, winning these games is showing the players that this thing can work.

What they are doing is making the Raiders believe in themselves.

“They want to see it work,” McDaniels said. “I think all of us when we’re growing up and being taught something, whether it’s school or playing a competitive sport, you want to see yourself have success. And sometimes I think it’s a lot easier to acclimate to what you’re being told when you’re seeing somebody else do it on video or what have you.

“So, there’s nothing better than when you get them to have the success, and then that pounds home the process and the message you’ve been given them. If we do this right, we’re probably going to get good results. And so, we’ve gotten that off and on throughout the course of the season so far, and I think the more we get it, the more contagious it becomes. And guys really are tapped into trying to do the little things right that may give us an advantage.”

Not only that, but the way they are winning and have won these last two games is building momentum. Yeah, their season is likely over in terms of having hopes of winning it all.

However, they can build off what they have done to carry over into the next season. Now that they are doing it, and seeing the success they can have if they follow the plan, it’s showing that it works.

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