The Las Vegas Raiders struggled in one specific area during the Hall of Fame game on Thursday against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

While, yes, they did win pretty handily, 27-11 to be exact, the team can work on some things, and those flaws were as loud as they could be. Post-game, most of the discussions were about how well the Raiders played, and they did play well. However, there should be some more focus on how bad the offensive line was.

Against the Jaguars, the league’s worst team last season, they allowed five sacks altogether. Jarrett Stidham was sacked three times for 25 yards, Nick Mullens once for nine yards, and Chase Garbers once for seven yards. The Raiders also allowed seven quarterback hits in the game.

While that area of the team was putrid, there is one player on the offensive line who is getting some positive feedback from head coach Josh McDaniels.

Raiders’ McDaniels gives praise to Alex Leatherwood

The offensive line was so bad in the first football action of the year. In fact, during Friday’s media availability, that was the first thing head coach McDaniels was asked about. While his answer was long, and he did give a great answer on why it was so bad, he gave Leatherwood some praise as well.

“Specifically to Alex, I thought he, you know he does what he always does. Comes in there and competes, tries to do his job the right way, he’s just put his head down and try to get better,” McDaniels told reporters Friday. “The snaps he was in there yesterday, I thought he did the same thing.”

I mean, he is kind of right. The right tackle did not have a bad day, as opposed to his teammates on the offensive line. Brandon Parker, the team’s starting left tackle on Thursday night, was outdone by the 2022 NFL Draft first overall pick in Travon Walker, a few times.

Walker bull rushed Parker in the first quarter and got a hit on Stidham. Later, Walker ended up getting a sack after Parker allowed him to run right by. The left tackle is one of the most important positions, and it’s the most important on the offensive line. He is supposed to protect the quarterback’s blind side, and he definitely did not do that on Thursday.

The Las Vegas Raiders need to get this problem solved, soon. We have talked about it before, and the only reason we continue to talk about it is because of how important this upcoming season is. It is really the last thing that needs to be figured out in order for the Raiders to be a championship-winning team.

Fortunately, Leatherwood is providing some hope and is the only thing keeping the Raiders and Raider Nation from panicking about the offensive line.

The road to the Super Bowl will likely go through the AFC West, and this division is too good for an offensive line like this one. If they don’t get it fixed, it hurts to say, but the national media would be right about this team.

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