One of the more tired narratives around the Minnesota Vikings (11-4) is the play of QB Kirk Cousins and his effect on the team. Claims that he is inaccurate, can’t win in prime time or holds his offenses back are claims that started in Washington by critics of his who have not, and likely will never give in to their prior biases.

A sign of intelligence and maturity is being able to admit you were wrong about someone. Something that Cousins has done for years, but continues to deal with media ‘personalities’ who are simply selling the public used goods and calling them new.

The most recent claim comes from Channing Crowder. A six-year veteran linebacker and co-host of The Pivot on Youtube with Fred Taylor and Ryan Clark.

Claiming that the Vikings weaknesses stem from QB Kirk Cousins. A claim that MVP candidate WR Justin Jefferson is having no part of. And no issue calling out publicly.

A claim from someone with a “booty foot”, who already has had a number of questionable statements in the past. Such as his belief on what a man can do to prove he’s an alpha male. This falls in line with similar baseless claims from LeSean McCoy about Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott being “ass ass”.

But claims like these about Cousins are tired and only used to push headlines and cause clicks and conversations. Cousins is having a career year for the Minnesota Vikings.

Already in the midst of more wins in a season in his career, Cousins is completing 65.7% of his passes for 4,117 yards (5th) and 27 touchdowns (4th) as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFC, if not the entire league.

Good for Jefferson. Not just to stand up for his quarterback but to make it public. While many athletes would rather not acknowledge talking heads like Crowder, it’s obviously reached enough of a breaking point in what might be Cousins and the Vikings best season in years.

A great sign of their relationship as well as the team itself.

Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports