Former NFL kicker Lawrence Tynes ruffled some feathers this week when he suggested that Arrowhead Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Chiefs, is louder than any college football stadium.

Tynes, unsurprisingly, has faced a lot of backlash for those comments.

On Wednesday morning, former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn, who is a co-host on Fox Sports Radio’s “Two pros and a cup of Joe”, gave his take on Tynes’ comments.

Quinn actually used Neyland Stadium as an example of how loud college football stadiums can get.

His comments will likely bring a smile to the faces of Tennessee Vols fans.

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“I swear to God the ball was moving, it was so loud,” said Quinn. “It felt like I had speakers right behind my left and right ears blaring. If I go hard of hearing, I might be suing the University of Tennessee.”

Quinn was referring to a matchup in 2004 between Notre Dame and Tennessee

Notre Dame won the game after Vols quarterback Erik Ainge was injured just before halftime.

Quinn’s comments about the loudness of Tennessee fans don’t come as surprise. I’ve been on the field plenty of times during big Vol games and it’s so loud you can’t hear the person standing beside you. I have no idea how players are able to communicate on the field.

Former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield even called Neyland “a different type of loud” after playing there in 2015.

Lawrence Tynes, by the way, played college football at Troy. And he never played at an SEC stadium. It’s no surprise that he has no clue how loud Tennessee and other SEC stadiums get on a weekly basis.

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