I have no idea why the Carolina Panthers are moving forward with Matt Rhule as their head coach.

Most fans know a future-fired head coach when they see one. And I think most folks recognize that Rhule isn’t cut out to be an NFL head coach. He’s been a disaster so far in two seasons with the Panthers.

I mean, remember when Teddy Bridgewater, who was the Panthers’ quarterback in 2020, absolutely torched the organization after being traded to the Denver Broncos.

Here’s a recap if you don’t recall:

“As an organization there’s things you can do better,” Bridgewater said. “I’ll just say this, for Joe Brady’s growth, that organization, they’ll have to practice different things in different ways. One thing we didn’t do much of when I was there, we didn’t practice two minutes, really. We didn’t practice red zone. You walk through the red zone stuff and then Saturday, you come out and practice red zone, but you’d only get like 15 live reps. Guys’ reps would be limited.”

Carolina’s practice habits fall on Rhule, not Brady.

Brady, by the way, has since been fired as the Panthers’ offensive coordinator and replaced by former New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo.

Another recent example of Rhule’s incompetence came earlier this month when he admitted that Carolina didn’t draft offensive lineman Rashawn Slater because they didn’t view him as a tackle.

Slater has gone on to become a Pro-Bowl tackle as a rookie (and a second-team All-Pro).

It’s bad enough that the Panthers passed on Slater for those reasons. But for Rhule to admit that publicly? That’s a shocking lack of self-awareness.

None of that, however, is as bad as the comments he apparently made to his team late in the season.

According to The Athletic’s Joe Person, Rhule told his team that he could have one of the top available college football head coaching jobs and make more money, but he wanted to finish what he started in Carolina.

From The Athletic:

As I reported in December, Rhule around the time the USC and LSU jobs were open in the fall told his players during a team meeting he could get one of the top college jobs and make more money, but he believed in what they were doing in Charlotte.

First off, who says that? That’s an incredibly narcissistic thing for a coach to say. It’s even worse coming from a coach who has gone 10-23 the last two seasons.

Secondly, who believes that?

Rhule was never going to get the USC or LSU jobs — he wasn’t even on the radar. Do you really think LSU wanted Rhule over a proven head coach like Brian Kelly? Or would USC have wanted Rhule over Lincoln Riley, one of the highest regarded coaches in college football?

I mean, maybe Rhule would get a job like Texas Tech. But there’s no way he was getting a top job and getting paid an exorbitant salary.

And even if that were somehow true, I’m pretty sure Rhule would’ve bolted.

It’s obvious he’s looking for a way out. Rumors started circulating over the weekend that Rhule would have serious interest in the Michigan job if Jim Harbaugh goes back to the NFL.

Rhule, of course, denied those rumors to The Athletic (through anonymous sources), but I tend to lean toward those rumors being true — considering the type of person we’re talking about here.

Panthers owner David Tepper is making a huge mistake by sticking with Rhule. There are a lot of good head-coaching candidates right now interviewing with teams. Carolina would be better off with almost any of those candidates.

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