Billy Napier might end up being a great head coach for the Florida Gators.

Or he might end up being a disaster.

I have no idea how Napier’s time at Florida will go. No one does (and anyone saying they do is lying).

What I do know, however, is that Napier went full Butch Jones this week. And that’s never a good sign for a college football coach.

Jones, the former head coach of the Tennessee Vols, has built a reputation as a coach who often dishes out corny clichés and eye-rolling slogans.

Considering his lack of success as a head coach, he’s not someone that Napier should want to share a headline with.

But here we are, thanks to a comment from Napier — via a press release (which I think makes it even worse) — on Friday.

Napier announced on Friday that Chris Couch is joining the Florida coaching staff as a “GameChanger Coordinator”.

I honestly thought this was a joke at first.

But Couch’s official photo on the Florida website has his position listed as “GameChanger Coordinator”.

Couch, who was on Napier’s staff at Louisiana, is going to work with special teams at Florida.

By the way, Couch isn’t an on-field coach — he’s really just an analyst.

I bet Butch Jones is mad he didn’t think of this first. I can guarantee you that Butch would’ve had a GameChanger Coordinator at Tennessee. Maybe that’s the one thing the Vols were missing under Jones?

Cringeworthy stuff like this almost never works out well. I’m already getting the feeling that Napier is going to suffer the same fate at Florida as Will Muschamp, Jim McElwain, and Dan Mullen.

Featured image via Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports