Billy Napier and Dan Mullen are two very different coaches but they have one thing in common — they both lost to Kentucky in their first season as the head coach of the Florida Gators.

Napier, who was hired last winter to replace Mullen, was rudely welcomed to the SEC on Saturday night via a 26-16 loss to Mark Stoops and the Wildcats in the Swamp.

When Mullen and the Gators lost to Kentucky in 2018, it was the first time that a first-year Florida head coach had lost to the Wildcats since 1979 when Charley Pell fell to deliver a victory against Kentucky. 

That probably doesn’t bode well for Napier’s future at Florida.

And his response to the loss to Kentucky doesn’t help matters.

Napier is getting blasted for his “moral victory” sounding opening statement after losing at home to the Wildcats.

If you’re a Tennessee Vols fan, you’ll notice that Napier sounds like a wild mix between Jeremy Pruitt and Butch Jones. He has the Pruitt delivery (a lot of “alright”) combined with Butchisms like “football is a microcosm of life”.

Here are some of the reactions to Napier’s post-Kentucky presser:

Tough scene for Napier. Losing to Kentucky and getting compared to two of the most disliked Tennessee coaches of all time is going to be difficult to recover from.

Though if history is any indication, he won’t be at Florida for long.

Featured image via Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports