Former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Greg McElroy had the most absurd take about Bama this week that you’ll likely hear all year.

McElroy, who now works for ESPN and Peyton Manning’s Omaha productions, appeared in a clip over the weekend where he explained that it wasn’t Alabama’s fault that they didn’t have a great win this season.

Alabama’s best win came against No. 20 Texas.

According to McElroy, the only reason the Crimson Tide didn’t have a better win is because other teams didn’t “hold up their end of the bargain”.

“Bama’s best win (is against Texas) — and this is not their fault — Bama’s not in control of what teams do after they play Bama,” said McElroy. “If Texas would’ve gone on and won almost all of their games, maybe find their way to the Big 12 Championship — they almost did — maybe win the Big 12 Championship, that would’ve gone a long way in benefitting Alabama’s resumé.”

“It’s not Bama’s fault that no one else held up their end of the bargain,” added McElroy. “But against the best teams on their schedule — LSU and against Tennessee — they came up just a little bit short.”

That last sentence from McElroy explains exactly why his statement is so absurd.

It’s Alabama’s fault that they didn’t beat LSU and Tennessee. If they wanted a better win, they should’ve won those two games.

McElroy’s argument about teams not holding up their end of the bargain could apply to any program in the nation.

Tennessee, for example, could complain about Kentucky and Florida not having better seasons. Can you imagine the ridicule that Vols fans would receive if they made that same argument? Tennessee fans would get trashed on social media.

Alabama, however, gets every excuse in the world made for them.

Now, I will say, to McElroy’s credit, that he did admit that Tennessee should have a gripe with being ranked No. 6 in the final playoff rankings. But not before going full Stretch Armstrong to make Alabama look better than they really were this season.

McElroy typically does a great job on broadcasts and with his analysis, but he let his Bama bias show a bit with this wild take.

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