Former Tennessee Vols quarterback Casey Clausen might be one of the most underappreciated players in UT history.

Clausen is the only Tennessee quarterback that’s beaten Florida twice — doing so in 2001 and 2003 (both times on the road, oddly enough).

The former Vols quarterback, who lives in California, spoke with ESPN’s Chris Low this week about Tennessee and head coach Josh Heupel.

“There’s a juice that’s back in the program, and for the younger generation of players, they don’t necessarily know about the past with Florida or anybody else, nor do they care or should they care,” said Clausen to ESPN.

“Coach Heupel seems to have it back to, ‘It’s our team versus their team,’ and all the other noise doesn’t matter,” added Clausen. “You see that in the way this team plays, even when it doesn’t play its best football.”

“The other thing is that he’s not playing with some of the same 4 and 5-star players a lot of the other SEC teams have, but he’s going to get there. You look at that offense and how fun it is to play in it, and why wouldn’t a big-time skill player want to come and play in that offense?”

Clausen doesn’t pop up in the media often, so when he talks about the Vols, it’s worth listening to what he has to say. After all, Clausen was 34-10 as a starter at Tennessee (including a 14-1 record on the road). If anyone knows what it takes to win consistently in Knoxville, it’s Clausen.

And it’s clear from his comments that he’s a big believer in what Heupel is doing at UT.

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