I thought that LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly gave us the most cringeworthy moment of the SEC offseason.

But I was wrong…very wrong.

Kelly gave us plenty of reason to cringe last winter via his “dance” with a recruit that was on a visit to LSU.

As bad as that was, it wasn’t nearly as bad as what we saw from South Carolina Gamecocks head coach Shane Beamer this week.

South Carolina tweeted a video of Beamer where he’s…well, I’m not really sure what he’s doing.

Check it out for yourself.

That’s quite a production, though I’m not sure of the purpose. Sure, it’s just Beamer having fun. But why? That’s not going to help South Carolina land any recruits. Players are choosing programs for football reasons and because of NIL deals. They’re not signing with a program because the head coach is willing to go through some ridiculous video shoot while looking mildly uncomfortable.

Good recruiters don’t rely on this type of stuff. It feels like something former Tennessee Vols head coach Butch Jones would’ve done.

In Kelly’s case, he was just in the moment with a recruit. Beamer and South Carolina, however, clearly had an elaborate plan. They thought about this, filmed it, and still thought it was a good idea.

If Beamer was looking for attention during the SEC’s biggest week of the summer, it worked. But I’m afraid it’s attention for all the wrong reasons.

Featured image via Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports