Alontae Taylor played for the Tennessee Vols for four seasons.

And fans said his name wrong for the entire four years.

Now, in defense of the fans, it wasn’t known that Taylor’s name was being said wrong until Friday.

Taylor, who was drafted by the New Orleans Saints, spoke to reporters during training camp on Friday and revealed the proper pronunciation of his name.

What a bombshell from Taylor.

All this time fans and media were saying “uh-lawn-tay” while the actual pronunciation was “uh-lawn-tee”.

(Tennessee’s official website had it as uh-LAWN-tay.)

It’s definitely not spelled the way it’s pronounced, which is certainly why everyone — including myself — has been saying it wrong this entire time.

And to add to the confusion, Taylor said he prefers to simply go by “Tae” — which is the way we were all saying the end of his first name to begin with!

Taylor isn’t the first athlete to have his name pronounced the wrong way and he won’t be the last. Hell, he’s not even the first Vol to have his name pronounced the wrong way.

We learned last season that Vols guard Santiago Vescovi’s last name is “ves-cuh-vee” instead of “ves-co-vee”.

A couple of years ago, we found out that Tennessee quarterback Jarrett Guarantano’s name was pronounced differently than most were saying it as well.

Perhaps we should start asking players as soon as they arrive on campus how to pronounce their names.

Featured image via Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports