Tennessee fans know a thing or two about bad football coaches. Throughout the last 15 years, we’ve seen more than our share of clownish imposters try to stumble their way through leading the Vol football program. And it’s that experience with incompetent coaching that made me raise my eyebrows at some of the things that new Florida football coach Billy Napier has been up to lately.

Napier has done cringey nonsense like naming one of his analyst staff members the “GameChanger Coordinator.” We all know that Butch Jones was a big fan doing hokey stuff like that while he was at UT. Then last week, Napier said during a press conference that he wouldn’t get into NIL bidding wars for recruits because “we don’t operate that way.” I’m sure it makes Florida fans ecstatic to hear that Napier won’t be doing all that he can to bring top-notch talent to Gainesville. Obviously, Napier could actually end up being fine at Florida but I’ll go ahead and raise these red flags just in case UF fans want to ignore them.

And on this week’s Big Orange Podcast, we talked about all of this and how Tennessee can take advantage if Napier ends up being a flop. Check out the conversation in the YouTube video below!

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