This past weekend, I pointed out how Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde wrote one of the dumbest columns about the Tennessee Vols that you’ll ever read.

Forde’s column was written in the wake of the NCAA delivering a notice of allegations to Tennessee last week. The notice of allegations is in response to the recruiting scandal that took place under previous Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt.

The column suggests that the “full bill” is coming due after Tennessee’s fan revolt in 2017 that prevented the program from hiring Greg Schiano.

It was a terrible take by Forde, considering the UT football program is as healthy as it’s been in a long time.

SEC Network host Paul Finebaum, who graduated from Tennessee, is one of the few folks who agree with Forde’s column.

Finebaum had Forde on his show this week and he told the Sports Illustrated writer that he had a lot of fun reading the column.

“I wish I could’ve watched you writing that column,” said Finebaum. “If you had as much joy writing it as I had reading it, we would both be very happy.”

Here’s a clip of Finebaum’s comments (along with some more puzzling comments from Forde).

The national media can laugh all they want. But Tennessee’s great fan revolt of 2017 is the reason the UT football program is in a better place today.

Sure, the Vols had to suffer through the Pruitt era. But they came out on the other side with a solid head coach in Josh Heupel, who just had one of the most successful offensive seasons in Tennessee history. Heupel is the first head coach to have a winning record in his first year at UT since Lane Kiffin in 2009 (Pruitt, Derek Dooley, and Butch Jones all went 5-7 in their first seasons).

Finebaum and Forde can laugh together, but the entirety of Vol nation is laughing at them.

And for good reason.

The fan revolt prevented a disastrous hire in Greg Schiano. And the recruiting investigation served as a hard reset for the athletic department, resulting in the hiring of Heupel and an elite athletic director in Danny White. And it got Tennessee out of paying Pruitt’s $12 million buyout.

If this is the “full bill” coming due, then I imagine it’s one bill that Vols fans are more than happy to receive.

Featured image via Ken Ruinard / staff, The Greenville News via Imagn Content Services