There’s been a strong push in recent years to bring an MLB franchise to the city of Nashville.

And it appears increasingly likely that it’s going to happen.

On Thursday, USA Today MLB reporter Bob Nightengale tweeted that Nashville and Montreal are MLB’s top two expansion cities.

Las Vegas is another option that’s rumored to be in the mix, too.

It’s inevitable that MLB is going to expand. It’s not “if”, it’s “when”.

There are currently 30 MLB teams. The NFL and NHL each have 32 teams. MLB isn’t just exploring this as an option — 32 teams is going to happen.

Montreal is a logical choice because it used to be the home of the Expos. There were plenty of upset folks when the franchise moved to Washington and rebranded itself as the Nationals.

Nashville is a logical choice because of its location.

There’s a massive void in the southeast when it comes to MLB teams. There’s nothing in terms of MLB choices between Ohio and Georgia. There are no MLB teams in Tennessee or North Carolina, despite both states having NFL teams, NHL teams, and NBA teams.

Putting a team in one of those states just makes sense.

And Nashville is a better choice than Charlotte. Nashville proved when the city hosted the 2019 NFL Draft that it’s a sports destination (nothing against Charlotte, it’s a great city, but Nashville has more to offer).

At this point, I’d be surprised if Nashville isn’t one of MLB’s two expansion cities.

Featured image via Josie Norris / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK