The Tennessee Vols received a notice of allegations from the NCAA on Friday afternoon in regards to the recruiting investigation that started in late 2020 when Jeremy Pruitt was the program’s head coach.

Pruitt was fired as a result of the investigation and Josh Heupel was subsequently hired as UT’s head coach.

You can read all about the violations that occurred under Pruitt here and here.

One of the interesting things in the report is the mention of Mcdonald’s and Chick-Fil-A.

When the news originally broke about the investigation back in 2020, Dan Patrick went on his show and said that Tennessee was handing out bags of cash in Mcdonald’s bags.

Tennessee handing out bags of cash in fast food bags became a popular joke on social media thanks to Patrick’s claim

The report indeed states that McDonald’s food was purchased for recruits. The bags, however, didn’t have cash in them.

Tennessee allegedly paid over $60,000 to recruits in cash/impermissible benefits. Whether or not it was delivered in a McDonald’s bag is ultimately irrelevant. But at least Vols fans finally know that the rumor that Patrick started is completely false.

Featured image via Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports