Texas A&M Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher went scorched earth on Alabama head coach Nick Saban on Thursday, exposing the legendary head coach as a narcissist who “thinks he’s God”.

“Some people think they’re God,” said a visibly angered Fisher while alluding to Saban. “Go dig into how ‘God’ did his deal. You may find out about a guy that did a lot of things you don’t wanna know.”

Fisher’s comments came via a hastily called press conference in response to comments made by Saban at an event in Birmingham on Wednesday night.

Good on Fisher for exposing Saban as an ego-maniac who whines when he doesn’t get his way. Saban has been put on a pedestal by the college football media. But he’s ultimately someone who’s bad for the sport.

Fisher, who worked for Saban at LSU, knows that as well as anyone. Saban only cares about himself and winning games. And when something happens that threatens Saban’s ability to get those wins, he throws a fit like a toddler. He’s been doing it for years while we act like it’s normal behavior for a human.

If anyone else acted like Saban — the way he talks down to people — he’d be a social pariah. But because he wins football games at Alabama, his behavior is acceptable.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that Texas A&M players have received rich NIL deals. So have players at Tennessee. And players at Alabama. Nearly every major program in the nation right now has players who are receiving NIL deals. That’s perfectly legal.

When it comes to recruits receiving deals to sign with a program, that’s more of a gray area. Based on Fisher’s comments, the Aggies are legally working their way around those rules. I imagine Alabama is doing the same.

Saban just doesn’t like that Texas A&M is doing it better than him. He doesn’t like that Tennessee and other programs are suddenly landing top recruits. Saban sees his world crumbling and he can’t stand it. So he’s throwing reckless accusations without any proof while hiding what his own program is doing.

For far too long, Saban has got away with being the self-appointed czar of college football. It’s time for his reign to end. He should be treated no differently than any other college football coach because ultimately that’s all he is — a football coach. Someone who coaches a game.

It’s time for the biggest narcissist in college football to go away. Maybe this new age of NIL deals and players finally being able to profit off their likeness will force Saban into retirement.

Saban has profited off the name, image, and likeness of his players for over 20 years while they earn nothing but a scholarship. It’s time for that money to go to the people who are really earning it, not a curmudgeon who is only in this line of work to satisfy his own ego.

Featured image via Mickey Welsh/Montgomery Advertiser / USA TODAY NETWORK