Thought the A.J. Brown offseason drama was over? Guess again! Brown took to Twitter to announce that he is the Titans’ greatest wide receiver of all time. Hosts Austin Huff and Jack Gentry debate whether or not his statement has any merit.

Once the dust settles on the Derrick Mason vs A.J. Brown debate, the guys release their Titans WR Mount Rushmore/Mount Bustmore. Somehow this leads into a Mount Rushmore of pizza.

WKRN’s sports anchor Kayla Anderson joins the Titan Up Podcast this week. Aunt Kayla has been out at Titans practice throughout the team’s offseason activities. She lets us in on the latest from the Titans rookies, Ryan Tannehill, and puts in her two cents on the wide receiver discussion.

Not to be outdone, Austin and Jack react to a quote from Titans OLB Bud Dupree. Could Dupree transform what was an already stout front four? Well, you’ll have to find out.

In the middle of this week’s Remember the Titan, Jack poses a question that requires a bit of critical thinking: What would George Washington’s ACT score be today? Don’t forget to send in your answers!

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