It’s the middle of May and the biggest topic in sports right now is a feud between two SEC head coaches.

Alabama’s Nick Saban and Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher were already two of the most entertaining coaches in the nation. But they took it up a notch this week with their war of words that escalated on Thursday to the point where Fisher suggested that someone should slap Saban.

Are you not entertained?!?!

The back and forth between Saban and Fisher got me thinking about which coaches in the SEC are the most entertaining.

So I had no choice but to rank them. Now, fair warning: the names near the bottom of this list could’ve gone in nearly any order.

14. Clark Lea — Vanderbilt

There’s not much to say about Clark Lea — he’s just kind of…there. The former Notre Dame defensive coordinator has only been at Vanderbilt for one season. But that one season was a disaster. And nothing even mildly entertaining happened. I’m guessing that Lea won’t be at Vandy for long and years from now we’ll struggle to remember who coached the Commodores during this time period.

13. Billy Napier — Florida

Billy Napier is new to the SEC (at least as a head coach), so we haven’t really got to see much from him yet. He has a pretty dry, no-nonsense personality based on what we’ve seen so far. He reminds me a bit of former Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt (which probably isn’t a good thing).

12. Bryan Harsin — Auburn

Harsin has been somewhat entertaining during his time at Auburn, but it’s been for all the wrong reasons. Harsin immediately felt like a bad fit at Auburn and that was seemingly confirmed this offseason when he was almost fired because of some wild internet rumors. Auburn actually investigated Harsin and then let him keep his job. It’s only a matter of time before Harsin and Auburn go their separate ways.

11. Mark Stoops — Kentucky

Mark Stoops is one of the most underrated coaches in all of college football. But he’s at Kentucky, so he doesn’t get a lot of national attention. Stoops, however, usually gives good answers at press conferences and he’s engaging. He’s not going to generate a ton of headlines, but he has a decent entertainment factor — especially when he gets mad.

10. Josh Heupel — Tennessee

Josh Heupel is a fairly no-nonsense guy as well. He doesn’t usually get too vocal about issues, but he’ll let his voice be heard when he feels it’s necessary. He’ll also surprise you and drop a fun quote every now and then, like the one recently about drawing all over Florida’s football helmets with a crayon.

9. Brian Kelly — LSU

I struggled with where to put Brian Kelly on this list. He’s an odd guy who reminds me a lot of former Vols head coach Butch Jones (Kelly was Jones’ mentor). But he’s also a pretty good football coach. Kelly seems like he’s usually annoyed about something. His real entertainment value comes from his various missteps, such as his fake southern accent or his attempt at dancing with recruits.

8. Sam Pittman — Arkansas

I’m a big Sam Pittman fan. I think he’s the best offensive line coach in the nation and I think he’s done a great job as the head coach at Arkansas. He’s in the same category as Stoops as one of the most underrated coaches in the nation.

He also has a big personality that’s infectious.

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