Syracuse basketball is doing something the Tennessee Vols should try.

Well…a Syracuse “booster” is doing something that some Tennessee boosters should do.

According to, Syracuse basketball fan Adam Weitsman, a close friend of Orange head coach Jim Boeheim, is bringing NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo and his brother Thanasis to the upcoming Syracuse/Wake Forest game, where they’ll sit courtside.

Giannis and Thanasis, who are from Greece, have no connection to Syracuse. They don’t even play professional basketball in the state of New York.

But they’ll be front and center at a Syracuse basketball game thanks to Weitsman.

This is something the Vols should be doing.

Think about it the exposure something like this would get at Tennessee. And how great it would be for recruiting (in both basketball and football…since football recruits often visit for basketball games).

Imagine if a booster gave Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant some cash to come sit courtside at Thompson-Boling Arena. Recruits would go crazy. And it would absolutely get spotlighted everywhere in the national media. Or maybe get Kevin Durant — one of Rick Barnes’ former players at Texas — to come to Knoxville (that could be pricey, but it would still be worth it exposure wise).

In this age of NIL, the Vols need to go all-in to land recruits. Setting up NIL deals is a big part of that. But when the money is similar at other places, it’s going to take other avenues to land recruits. It’s not just about the money — most recruits still want to play college sports at a place they love. They still want to be wowed.

It’s time for Tennessee to start betting large. If they want to get on Alabama’s and Georgia’s level, they need to consider all options.

And this is definitely a viable option.

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