Titans running back Derrick Henry had his Jones fracture surgery earlier this week for the broken bone in his foot. Dr. Geoff Watson of the Bone & Joint Institute joined Austin Stanley to discuss the injury, surgery, and recovery for the star RB.

Watson explained that Henry’s usage after suffering the injury will most likely have “minimal” long-term impact when it comes to this type of injury. His ability to return probably points to a smaller fracture in comparison to other fractures.

He also mentions workload. It could have played a role due to the stress that was put on his foot from so much physical activity.

The incision from the procedure is very small, and the actual surgery only takes around twenty minutes. Afterward, the skin will heal in a splint or boot for about a week. Walking occurs about ten days after the surgery usually. By four weeks, light exercise and minor weight lifting can be started in most cases.

The goal of the procedure is to stabilize the fracture. Filling the bone with metal that will not break down the road. Typically, the screw will remain in the bone long-term. Over the past 5-10 years, the healing process can allow players to return within six weeks in some cases. The main concern would be pain management and re-fracture for Derrick Henry.



Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports