Don’t ever doubt how much Tennessee Titans ownership cares about the team.

The Adams family, led by controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk, is willing to give $700 million out of their pockets to help fund a new stadium for the Titans.

Cameron Sexton, Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives, gave the update on Friday while speaking to Dan Mandis of WWTN-FM in Nashville.

Several estimates have the new Titans stadium costing close to $2 billion, and it appears that the stadium will be built with features, such as a retractable roof, that could attract major events like the Super Bowl.

In recent years, several NFL stadium plans have fallen through because ownership and local governments couldn’t agree on how to divide the cost. Those disagreements have often led to relocation, a worst-case scenario for fans and cities.

With the Titans, though, it looks like that won’t be the problem, thanks to the Adams family’s bold financial commitment.

Securing the $700 million they plan to put toward a new stadium will require the Adams family to liquidate many assets, Sexton said.

But, based on Sexton’s comments, it appears they’re willing to bite those bullets.

As such, a top-notch new stadium for the Titans appears to be an imminent reality rather than a pipe dream.

  • Strunk image: Christopher Hanewinckel/USA Today
  • Stadium image: Kirby Lee/USA Today