Tennessee Vols baseball coach Tony Vitello is currently serving a four-game suspension after bumping an umpire during UT’s win against the Alabama Crimson Tide this past Saturday.

Vitello was angry after Vols pitching coach Frank Anderson was ejected from the game. The Tennessee baseball head coach confronted third-base umpire Jeffrey Macias. That’s when the bump occurred.

Vitello, who can return to the bench for Tennessee’s game against the Florida Gators on Sunday, is making the most of his suspension by offering “chest bumps” for $2. The money goes to support the Wounded Warriors Project.

Good on Vitello for making the most out of a less-than-ideal situation.

Bumping an umpire is obviously never acceptable. But college baseball is an emotional sport and it’s understandable that those emotions can get the best of folks at times. Vitello will be back on the bench soon. And in the meantime, he’s helping raise money for a great cause.

Featured image via Caitie McMekin/News Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK