Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker Henry To’o To’o, who spent his first two seasons in college football playing for the Tennessee Vols, announced this week that he’s returning to Tuscaloosa for his senior season.

To’o To’o’s draft announcement, which came via Instagram, irked a number of Tennessee fans.

It wasn’t necessarily that To’o To’o is returning to Alabama — I don’t think UT fans really care one way or the other — it was the words he used to announce his return.

The “I can’t leave my brothers now” portion of the announcement is what bothered some Tennessee fans — especially since To’o To’o was back and forth with his decision before ultimately leaving Knoxville last year.

Here’s a sampling of the Twitter responses to To’o To’o’s announcement.

The NCAA transfer portal is a strange thing. Fans are inevitably going to be perturbed when a player decides to leave. But they’re also going to be excited when their program lands a key player via the portal.

It seems there’s some level of hypocrisy on both sides.

Featured image via Gary Cosby Jr.-USA TODAY Sports