It’s usually not wise to put a lot of stock into anonymous quotes.

If someone isn’t willing to put their name on it, there’s no way to hold that person accountable for what they say.

However, it’s also not wise to completely discount anonymous quotes, either. Sometimes they’re 100 percent accurate. And other times there’s at least a small amount of truth involved.

In the case of a recent anonymous quote about former Tennessee Vols head coach Jeremy Pruitt, I tend to think it’s spot on.

That’s because it’s basically what most folks have assumed was the case in Pruitt’s final season at Tennessee.

Several anonymous coaches recently spoke with Athlon Sports for their preseason magazine and one coach broke down what he thought was the biggest issue for the Vols under Pruitt.

“You got the feeling he didn’t know how to let go from being a coordinator,” said the coach while speaking about Pruitt. “Culturally, they lost the kids; we heard that from transfers and gossip, but it’s also on the tape. They didn’t want to play, they didn’t want to work for each other.”

It’s hard to argue with what that coach is saying. It certainly appeared like the Volunteers were completely out of sync last season. No one seemed to be on the same page. And there was definitely a lack of chemistry among the coaches on Pruitt’s staff.

Talent has to be present in to win in the SEC.

And a great culture has to be present, too.

If the culture is bad, losses will surely follow. That’s what happened to Pruitt. He proved he wasn’t capable of being someone who could build a strong culture like Nick Saban at Alabama or Dabo Swinney at Clemson.

New Vols head coach Josh Heupel is trying to clean up the mess that Pruitt left behind. He’s trying to build a great culture on Rocky Top via “family connections” on campus.

It’s going to take some time, but it appears that Heupel is on the right track….so far.

Featured image via USA TODAY/Randy Sartin