There aren’t many people who know the Manning family better than former Tennessee Vols head coach Phillip Fulmer.

Fulmer went through an intense recruiting process with Peyton Manning in the early 90s and he’s remained extremely close with the Manning family over the years.

The legendary Tennessee head coach appeared on Outkick 360 recently and discussed a variety of topics, including the recruitment of Peyton’s nephew, 2023 five-star quarterback Arch Manning.

Fulmer explained how the Manning family has a plan and they’re doing things “the right way”.

Quarterback Arch Manning 16 throws a pass as Newman takes on Lafayette Christian Academy in the LHSAA Div III semi finals. Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021.
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“They (the Mannings) have a plan,” said Fulmer. “I haven’t talked to Cooper (Manning) about this, but I have with Peyton (Manning) just in general. Those folks know the ropes around college athletics. They know a lot of people. They can find out information they want to know: stability of programs, the longevity of coaches, and all those things more than most.”

“Archie (Manning) and the whole family, is so well-respected around the country, and the world for that matter,” added Fulmer. “They’ve done everything right. You just know that this young man will do it right as well. Whoever gets him is getting a prized quarterback, and person, and a piece of the Manning family. I don’t really know if Tennessee is in it or not, but there’s a lot of really good schools around the country, too.”

Fulmer also discussed Peyton’s recruitment and how it compares to Arch’s recruitment.

“They never really gave us any kind of indication of anything that they were coming to Tennessee,” explained Fulmer while discussing Peyton’s recruitment. “You felt like the visit in Knoxville had gone really well. Peyton had done his homework on our history. I can assure you that Arch and the family have done homework on all the schools they’re looking at. In the end, it’s a business decision, but they also want to be happy and excited about where they’re going.”

Fulmer’s comments are a reminder that no one really knows what’s happening with Arch’s recruitment. And no one will know what his plans are until he makes them public. There will be no leaks, no inside information. The only thing we can really point to as evidence for Arch’s future plans are the visits he’s taking. Anything else is just speculation.

Whoever gets Arch will be getting a tremendous young quarterback who will instantly be a star the moment he steps on campus. He’ll face high expectations in college, but he’s as prepared as anyone to handle those expectations.

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