Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has always valued the personal relationships he has with his players.

When you become a Titan, you connect with Vrabel. Because he connects with and cares about his players, Vrabel is able to uniquely motivate and inspire them to play to their maximum potential. It is a critical element of Titans culture and their sustained NFL success.

Another example of this was on display Sunday afternoon. Titans rookie wide receiver Treylon Burks scored his first NFL touchdown after racing all the way down the field and recovering Derrick Henry‘s fumble in the end zone.

After the play, Burks approached Vrabel to apologize for the mistake he made earlier in the play. Vrabel’s response? Well…take a look for yourself.


What an awesome behind-the-scenes look at Mike Vrabel in action and the mentor that he is to his players. He acknowledges the mistake the player made, but emphasizes that putting mistakes in the past and making up for them is the key to success.

As we have seen an increase in production from Burks, we have also seen an improvement in his attitude and comfort level in the NFL. Upon returning from turf toe, Vrabel said he was happy with the progress Burks made while on IR. He felt like the rookie had started to “trust his coaches” more.

It’s easy to see why having trust in Vrabel can improve a player’s confidence. You need not look further than this video.

Image via Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports