Arkansas Razorbacks head coach Sam Pittman joined 104.5 The Zone’s 3HL on Wednesday at SEC Media Days in Atlanta and he had plenty to say about Tennessee Titans wide receiver Treylon Burks, one of his former players.

Pittman was complimentary of Burks, telling 3HL that he expects the former Arkansas standout to be a “great team leader” with the Titans.

The Arkansas head coach also discussed the conditioning issues that Burks has faced this summer. Pittman noted that Burks also had those issues during his time with the Razorbacks.

“The community’s going to be proud of him once he gets in shape,” said Pittman. “I’m assuming he didn’t go in there (to Titans minicamp) in great shape. It was the same way when he was a sophomore — he wasn’t in good shape. It’s not that he quit, he just couldn’t do anymore. He just was out of shape. I don’t know what hunting hogs does for his cardiovascular but evidently not a whole lot.”

3HL specifically asked Pittman if Burks struggled with asthma during his time at Arkansas.

104.5: “Did he have trouble with asthma when he was at Arkansas?”

Pittman: “No. I did not…he may have, but I certainly…no, when I heard that I’m going I don’t know if it’s some type of allergy, I don’t know what asthma is, I guess it’s just hard to breathe and you’re stuffed up. But he didn’t have that problem when he was with us.”

I think there’s some reason for concern when it comes to Burks if you’re a Titans fan. He’s obviously a highly-skilled player. And he’s a hard worker who is a high-character person.

But the conditioning issues are a problem that’s persisted for years at this point. And then there’s some confusion about whether or not it’s asthma-related or something else. Pittman coached Burks for two years so he should know him as well as anyone in football. And you’d think he’d be aware of the asthma issue if it was present at Arkansas.

Beyond the asthma, if Pittman is saying that Burks struggled to stay in shape at Arkansas, what’s that mean for his future as an NFL player? The grind of the NFL is a lot more intense than the grind of college football. Should Titans fans expect Burks’ conditioning issues to suddenly get better? Could it get worse? I don’t know that anyone has those answers right now. But I think this is a situation where Titans fans should at least be on alert when it comes to their 2022 first-round draft pick.

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