An SEC head coach is the latest public figure to throw major shade at the Tennessee Vols in the wake of the NCAA’s notice of allegations that was sent to UT last week.

Missouri Tigers head coach Eliah Drinkwitz appeared on The Jim Rome Show on Wednesday and he started off the conversation by taking an unsolicited shot at the Vols.

“I thought you were going to introduce my record, but with the latest allegations against Tennessee, let’s hold up on what my record is because I expect them to vacate some wins and that’s going to help my record a little bit,” said Drinkwitz.

“I’ve got to question my wife’s commitment to winning,” added Drinkwitz in a reference to Jeremy Pruitt’s wife giving money/benefits to recruits. “I don’t know how much she’s committed if she’s not engaging in some of these things. I didn’t know that was fair play.”

“It was a little bit surprising to see in the in-depth nature of what was going on there, but I’m sure glad that Tennessee was taking some ownership of it. And we’ll see what the results are, but it’s pretty interesting for sure…Pressure does crazy things to people. There’s a lot of pressure to win in the SEC.”

Drinkwitz should probably sit this one out.

For starters, if the Vols have to vacate wins, it won’t erase the loss from Drinkwitz’s record. It will simply cease to show up as a win for Tennessee and Pruitt.

Secondly, Drinkwitz is one of the few SEC coaches who lost a game to Pruitt, a coach who will likely go down as the worst head coach in the history of Tennessee athletics (that’s saying something considering Derek Dooley and Butch Jones are also on that list). I’m not sure I’d want to talk about Tennessee at all if I were in Drinkwitz’s shoes (or Crocs…I bet he’s a Crocs guy).

Thirdly (oh yes, there’s more), Drinkwitz continued his ineptitude against the Vols this past season by losing 62-24 at home to a Tennessee team that had one of the thinnest rosters in the nation.

Tennessee, even at its worst, owns Drinkwitz. I’m glad he can have a laugh about it, but the Vols have his number. Good coach, bad coach, doesn’t matter. Tennessee is undefeated against Drinkwitz.

I guess when you’re irrelevant in the SEC, you make bold statements to try to become relevant. Maybe Drinkwitz should just try winning football games instead.

Featured image via Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports