The 2022 college football season is just around the corner, which means former Tennessee Vols head coach Butch Jones is back to spewing nonsense again.

Jones, who is the head coach at Arkansas State after serving as Nick Saban’s personal assistant at Alabama for three seasons, spoke at Sun Belt Media Days this week and his comments will likely sound very familiar to Vols fans.

Check it out:

Tennessee fans should recognize plenty of that speech. From “byproduct” to boastful claims about players like Antonio Brown and JJ Watt, it’s all stuff that UT fans have heard before.

Speaking of Watt, that’s probably the worst part of this clip.

Yes, Jones coached Watt at Central Michigan. But what Jones left out is that Watt left Central Michigan to walk on at Wisconsin because Butch didn’t want to play Watt at defensive end.

Here’s what Watt said about his time at Central Michigan back in 2010 (via

There was a point when I was asked to move to offensive tackle, but I am not the type of guy who is going to tell the coach anything…I am not going to tell them to do what I want. So, yes it is true I was approached to move to tackle. But in all honesty it wasn’t so much the move to tackle as it was my desire to move closer to home. I also wanted to go to a place that would let me play defensive end and I felt like Wisconsin presented me with the best opportunity to do that. Just the way the offense was working out there at CMU, there wasn’t really any opportunities for me to grow as a player. I had to do what was best for me. And no, I was never approached to play defense end by CMU

Watt would go on to become one of the most dominant pass rushers in the NFL. The fact that Jones couldn’t recognize that type of talent isn’t shocking to Vols fans — Jones wasted plenty of talent at Tennessee. But it’s still wild to think about. Jones had one of the best pass rushers of this generation and he stuck him on the offensive line. It’s almost unbelievable.

By the way, Jones received an extension from Arkansas State last year after going 2-10 in his first season leading the program. Maybe they were meant for each other. I can’t imagine any other program wanting to extend a coach that no one else wants after a disastrous 2-10 season.

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