I can’t confirm the current whereabouts of Tennessee Vols baseball head coach Tony Vitello — he said his main goal this weekend was to not get arrested — but I know where he was on Saturday afternoon.

Vitello, who has quickly become one of the most popular folks in East Tennessee, had Vols fans fired up during the Florida game.

Check out Vitello hyping up the crowd.

The synergy at Tennessee right now is simply incredible.

But that’s what happens when everyone is on the same page.

Vitello, Josh Heupel, Rick Barnes, Kellie Harper, and Danny White — the five faces of Vols athletics at this point — all genuinely love being at Tennessee.

What Vitello is doing in that video, along with the comments he made all week leading up to the game, isn’t an act. The man truly loves everything about being in Knoxville. And it shows.

Enjoy it, Vol fans. These are some special times that you’ll eventually refer to as the “good old days”.

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