Tennessee Vols head coach Josh Heupel is extremely loose heading into a massive showdown with the Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday.

Heupel is so loose, in fact, that he threw a rare jab at a reporter this week.

It was all in good fun (I think), but hilarious nonetheless.

Here’s the scene:

Dawg Nation’s Mike Griffith, a former Tennessee beat writer, has been in Knoxville this week to (presumably) get the story on the game from the Vols’ side of things.

Griffith asked Heupel a question on Thursday about a tweet this week from former Vols quarterback Erik Ainge that suggested Sanford Stadium in Athens isn’t intimidating.

Before Griffith could even finish the question, Heupel interrupted the Georgia beat writer to say “that’s a bright shade of red you’ve got on today”.


Heupel’s chuckle to himself, combined with the muted laughs from the rest of the room, is what really makes this clip so great.

Tennessee fans, by the way, are likely very familiar with Griffith. He was one of the few reporters (maybe the only reporter) who defended former Vols head coach Butch Jones until the bitter end. Griffith’s incessant need to highlight Jones’ accomplishments at Tennessee grew annoying to a Vols fan base that was ready to move on from Butch.

As for Heupel’s “jab”, it’s just another example of how he’s not a robot at the podium. He doesn’t always give away information and present reporters with great quotes, but he’s also not up there spewing a bunch of nonsense like, well, Butch Jones.

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