The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints may not be the biggest or oldest rivalry in the NFL, but it is certainly one of the most hateful and physical.

It seems like every time these two teams are playing each other, guys are getting hurt, or in a fight. These two teams hate each other, as they should, being division opponents and all.

Now, you put these two teams on Monday Night Football, when they are the only game on and everyone is watching. This means there may be a chance everyone will be watching the duel we all love.

Mike Evans vs. Marshon Lattimore.

I don’t want to say these two guys hate each other because I don’t know, as I’m not in their heads. However, if we were to guess their feelings toward one another based on what we see, I’d say they strongly dislike each other.

“We are just two competitors,” Evans said of the duel. “Two competitors. Two of the best in the business and we go at it. We get physical. It’s a good matchup.”

I’d say it’s better than a good matchup. Both of these teams could be bad like they are right now, and if those two are matched up against each other, it’s still must-watch TV.

“I just play my game. I can’t like, you know, shove somebody out of the air, but I just have to keep my emotions in check and play hard like I always do,” Evans continued.

It’s crazy because it feels like that’s something he would do. Oh, wait.

“The Saints have had our number since I have been in the league and we always want to get a win against them. They are a good division opponent. But, you know, Monday Night Football, everyone is going to be watching. We just want to put on a good performance and hit our stride offensively.”

I’m sure Saints fans will appreciate that compliment, but it means nothing if New Orleans doesn’t go out there and win. This game is so important, outside of it being a division rivalry, and a matchup we all love on the outside.

These two teams are so close in the race for the top spot in the NFC South. If the Saints win, it will help them tremendously, and keep their playoff hopes alive.

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