The New Orleans Saints were grounded by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 2. The offense struggled mightily, and turnovers were costly. That being said, the defense was phenomenal against Tom Brady once again. Unfortunately, the Saints got the short end of the stick on a questionable call that was a game changer.

The penalty called extended the only drive of the game that ended in an offensive touchdown. It also took the wind out of the Saints’ defense that had just gotten another big stop. Cameron Brate, the Buccaneers TE, initiates the contact on the play by lowering his head. Yet, Roby gets penalized.

The game shifted for the Saints.

Instead of getting off the field, they allowed a touchdown just plays later. That changed the dynamics on offense for the Saints as well.

They could have played conservatively in a time game, but the 10-3 deficit forced them into taking more chances. Those chances did not pay off for Jameis Winston and the Saints. Instead, the turnovers continued. The Saints dug their own hole too big to climb out of this time.

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