The saga of Michael Thomas and the New Orleans Saints has been a bit heartbreaking over the past few years.

Thomas’ injuries have been frustrating for both he and the organization. The Saints gave him a massive contract extension, but he has not been able to stay on the field.

There’s been tension at times between the team and Thomas, but most of that seems to be behind them. In today’s win against the Rams, Thomas’ knowledge and impact helped the Saints get an important touchdown.

Tight end Juwan Johnson got the touchdown scoring started for the Saints with a reception in the second quarter. Johnson leads New Orleans in receiving TDs this season.

He has been a consistent force in the passing game for the Saints.

Johnson said that his route was one that Thomas is known for on their offense.

“Mike’s done it well for so many years, so just watching his film and trying to emulate that is the biggest thing. All I had to do is make a catch and use my big body.”

It is a clear nod to one of the best receivers in franchise history.

The Saints miss Thomas’ strong hands and smart route running, but Johnson’s comment proved that he is still helping the receivers this year.

That’s great news for New Orleans. Even if he isn’t on the field, they need Thomas to keep making positive improvements for the Saints’ offense.

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