The New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers do not like each other. That was once again clear on Sunday. A fight broke out after a long incompletion and some words from Saints CB Marshon Lattimore to Tom Brady. The Bucs, particularly Mike Evans, took exception.

Evans slung down Lattimore – once again. The aggression between the Saints and Bucs is quite clear.

Today, the league announced a one-game suspension for Evans. It is the same suspension he received for his prior brawl-inducing incident with the Saints and Lattimore. The Bucs are sure to appeal the suspension.

Accordingly, no Saints players were suspended. Lattimore was really the only option, but the NFL must have taken into account Evans’ past as well as the spark of the brawl.

Lattimore was trash talking Tom Brady and co., but Evans ultimately caused the eruption with the blind side shove. That is when madness broke out between both teams.

You could make an argument for a longer suspension for Evans due to his history with the Saints. Regardless, he will miss just one game.

Featured Image via USA TODAY-Sports