The New Orleans Saints consistently have had the same issues all season.

Penalties and turnovers have haunted their entire season so far. Even in their wins, it has not been particularly pretty. Today, they played a very clean football game.

The Saints had to have it, and both sides of the ball made it happen.

New Orleans did not turn the ball over a single time today. Receivers were sure-handed, and QB Andy Dalton played a very efficient game.

Dalton three three touchdowns with just four incompletions. He took a couple tough sacks, but the Saints would rather have those than turnovers.

As for penalties, the Saints had just two of them for fifteen yards. One of those came in the final couple of minutes when the game was basically sealed, too.

The Saints did all of the little things right today.

Those are the difference between wins and losses for a team like New Orleans. Injuries are plaguing the roster, so the Saints cannot afford to shoot themselves in the foot at all, basically. Their win against the Rams is proof that they can do it.

It’s tough, but that’s the NFL.

Going forward, New Orleans may get some reinforcements back from injury in the coming weeks. The next couple of games will decide if they can make the postseason or not.

In order to have any chance of that, the Saints have to continue to be efficient on both sides of the ball. Don’t make massive mistakes on offense, and don’t give opposing teams more chances when you’re on defense.

Let’s see if head coach Dennis Allen and the Saints can continue this type of play.

Not to mention, any win for the Saints against the Rams just feels special for their fans nowadays. There is no doubt about that.

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