One Los Angeles Rams player thinks he knows how to deal with the New Orleans Saints‘ weapons.

The Saints and Rams are both in very similar situations. However, the Rams may be in a much worse situation.

Los Angeles is coming off a Super Bowl win and is currently 3-6 on the year. With a worse record, they had higher expectations coming into this season. Oh, and to make matters even worse, they don’t have a first-round pick next season, so having a season as bad as they currently are with have literally no reward.

It’s safe to say that this win is far more important to them than it is to the Saints. They are still in win-now mode and have spent a ton of their assets on content for far longer than just one year.

But to do that they have to win on Sunday, which means they will be tasked with trying to stop Taysom Hill and Alvin Kamara.

“I don’t think anything necessarily changes, you’re just very aware of where they are at all times,” Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner said when asked about Taysom Hill and Alvin Kamara. “Obviously Kamara is an amazing back, but Hill provides different aspects for the offense.

“It’s kind of similar to San Fran [49ers] to an extent, just as far as personnel, you don’t really pay attention to personnel this week. You just pay attention to the people and where they are at final formations and things of that nature. That’s kind of how you prepare for it.”

First things first. I don’t doubt Wagner knows what the offense holds for the Saints’ weapons in Kamara and Hill. Kamara will run the ball and catch it out of the backfield, and I think everyone knows that.

As for Hill, he is a jack of all trades. However, for some odd reason, the Saints hate him. That has to be it because they don’t use him, even though when they do he is very effective for them, and they are put in better situations when he is used.

But he doesn’t get used anymore.

If the Saints want to win this game Hill has to be more involved. It’s as simple as that, and that is the answer to every game.

We will see, if the Saints use Hill, and if Wagner and the Rams’ defense know what’s coming because when Hill is being used the way he should be, it is almost impossible to stop him.

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