The Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay recently had an unpopular opinion on a New Orleans Saints starter.

While you have probably heard this before, both of these teams are in similar positions. They both aren’t having great seasons. I think we know that.

But, they also are dealing with their own set of problems. For the Saints, part of it has been the quarterback controversy. If you ask some Saints fans, they don’t think highly of their starting quarterback.

Then again, they did have Drew Brees for 15 years.

“I see a really efficient quarterback,” Rams head coach Sean McVay said of Andy Dalton. “I see a guy that I think, you know, very underrated in this league. He has the ability to activate all parts of the field. I think he has a great understanding to be able to straighten up protection, recognize his cover structures, can get progressions.

“I think he is more athletic than people give him credit for. He has a really quick delivery where he can speed it up at the top. I have been a fan of Andy’s game all the way back to when Jay Gruden was his offensive coordinator in Cincinnati… I know what a really good quarterback he is, and how successful he has been and I think he is one of the more underrated players for sure at that position.”

Maybe we aren’t watching the same guy, because of all the things McVay said about Dalton, only a few are right. One of them was who his offensive coordinator was in Cincinnati.

Dalton hasn’t been awful, but he certainly hasn’t been one of the more underrated quarterbacks in the NFL. He gives the ball away a ton and doesn’t throw a lot of touchdowns, to keep it simple.

In seven games, Dalton has 11 touchdowns and seven interceptions, which is quite literally an interception a game.

The controversy has been real, and Dennis Allen hasn’t made it any better. However, I’m sure Dalton would appreciate the kind words.

But I think even he would say he isn’t playing like the most underrated quarterback in the league.

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