The New Orleans Saints have not been able to escape one thing this season. Penalties. They have constantly shot themselves in the foot.

On Sunday, against the Los Angeles Rams, the Saints did the complete opposite of beating themselves. They just beat their opponent. I won’t say that has been the story of the season, but it has been a huge part.

The Rams kind of beat themselves, if we are being honest, but only because the Saints were a bit more disciplined.

“We didn’t do things that were going to beat ourselves today,” Dennis Allen said after the win over the Rams.

And they didn’t. The Saints had just two penalties for 15 yards, as compared to the Rams’ six penalties for 55 yards.

The Saints’ two penalties could have been avoided, too. The two penalties that were called on New Orleans happened on special teams. So, while they were trying to get stops, and trying to drive the ball down the field, they were clean as can be.

“I thought that was good to see,” Allen said. “I thought we had a great week of practice. I thought our guys were locked in, focused on playing. They knew what we had to do. We had some guys that haven’t played a lot that stepped up and did some good things.”

The Saints are on the right track, then again, we have said this before. This is their recipe for winning. They have to continue to beat their opponents and not themselves.

The Saints are still only two wins away from being first in the division, so the season isn’t necessarily over. However, it’s getting close, so they need to continue to play like this next week against the 49ers, who are a very good team in their own right.

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