The New Orleans Saints recently made a big decision concerning Week 8. There were a lot of questions going on surrounding the team, and they were finally answered. However, the player it pertained to wasn’t even notified.

The Saints have a very talented roster, and despite what the record says, they can be a good football team. They have just been devastated by injuries. Sunday they play the Las Vegas Raiders, who also only have two wins However, they, like the Saints, are better than what their record would recommend.

So, this is a big game for New Orleans. This could be the beginning of the turnaround of their season. But there are important decisions to make, and the Saints made them.

Last week Andy Dalton started against the Arizona Cardinals due to Jameis Winston being injured, and while he threw three interceptions, he still moved the ball well and played well overall. Now Winston is somewhat healthy, and Dennis Allen, the head coach, had to make a decision on who to start for Sunday.

He picked Dalton, but he didn’t even tell him.

“Um, I did not know that,” Dalton said. “You know it’s one of those things, for me, I was playing, and he [Dennis Allen] told me to expect to play until you hear something different. So, that’s just where we are at.”

Allen could have at least told his quarterback that way he could get a head start on the mental aspect of the game. Either way, Daltons’ reaction was too funny, mostly because you would think the head coach would tell who is starting that they are doing so.

Hopefully, Dalton plays well this Sunday, but without the interceptions. This team desperately needs a win right now, and this is the perfect situation to do so.

Featured Image Via Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

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