The New Orleans Saints came into Week 11 with a different approach mentally than what they have this year.

If you ask me, they should strongly consider coming into Week 12 with that same mentality, because it seemed to work.

The Saints went into Week 11 in must-win mode. That was a must-win game for them, as they were starting to fall down the division rankings.

The NFC South isn’t looking great. There isn’t one team above .500 in the division, and the first-place spot is only two wins above the Saints. So, playoffs are not out of the equation.

Their mentality heading into Week 11 helped them get back into the race.

“The attitude was like let’s go cut it loose,” Hill said after the Rams win. “Early on there was a lot of conversations on how we were going to win football games and a little hesitancy. Our division hasn’t played well. We weren’t playing great.

“We kept losing games, but the message was we were still in it. The mindset this week was let’s get rid of any anxiety and go cut it loose. What do we have to lose at this point? Let’s go play our brand of football and worry about nothing else.”

Having the mentality they did is what won them the game. Well, that and a few other things. They did finally run their offense the way it should be, so that shouldn’t be left out.

However, mindset can be vital, and it was. They knew they weren’t as bad as their record showed, and they can go out there and beat the teams they need to be if they did the right things and stayed positive.

I’ll definitely be watching how they start their next game against the San Francisco 49ers.

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