“Kenny” chants are already the longest-standing tradition in Acrisure Stadium history.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense has quickly become a legitimate concern two games into the season. As of right now, they rank near the bottom of the league in just about any offensive category you choose. That includes traditional numbers like yards per play (30th in the NFL) and advanced stats like success rate (24th).

Tomlin has preached about a “safe offense” since the offseason. In return, the Steelers have produced a defective one.

As is usually the case in the NFL, all eyes are on the quarterback, Mitch Trubisky. So much so that multiple “Kenny! Kenny! Kenny!” chants broke out on Sunday as the Steelers lost to the Patriots while Trubisky passed for a mediocre 152 yards.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had something to say on the fans’ reaction.

I’ll grant that Big Ben has a point but Trubisky is certainly partially guilty.

Trubisky is not at fault, however, about the goal that’s apparently set for the offense which is not to turn the ball over. Sure, that’s always an objective, but prioritizing it has led to a conservative approach that’s hurting the Steelers’ chances to win in today’s NFL.

Matt Canada has received public criticism from his very own players. That includes the Steelers’ starting quarterback, and wide receivers Chase Claypool and Diontae Johnson.

However, it would also be unfair to say Trubisky is guilt-free. He can’t be when he leads the NFL in the percentage of responsibility for pressures allowed. As I wrote earlier on Tuesday, the Steelers’ offensive line has played surprisingly well. And yet, Trubisky has been responsible for almost half of the team’s pressures allowed.

The fans’ frustration with the offense is quite understandable. And Trubisky undoubtedly deserves part of the blame. But if we’re being real, how much would change if Pickett was handed the starting job?

If the Steelers keep approaching offense as they have recently, not much.

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