TAMPA BAY – The Buccaneers traded back and drafted defensive lineman Logan Hall with the idea that he’ll eventually replace Ndamukong Suh and/or Will Gholston.

It doesn’t matter which one he ends up replacing. Hall will be some big shoes to fill.

Fortunately, Hall has all the tools -including the Buccaneers’ faith- to get the job done. This is evident not just from Hall’s measureables, but the fact that he finished with 11.0 tackles for loss and 6.0 sacks during his final year at Houston. Both stats were top-10 in the AAC and the 6.0 sacks had Logan tied for third-most in the conference.

Hall also has the backing of one of the best college evaluators in the game – Greg Cosell. For those unfamiliar with Cosell, he’s the creator of the show NFL Matchup and is the senior producer at NFL Films, where he’s worked for the last 41 years. He’s considered to be one of the best -if not the best- tape evaluators and analytical minds in the business.

Cosell recently appeared on the NFL.com podcast, Tape Heads, and gave Hall one of the biggest compliments the young rookie can receive.

“He was someone I didn’t know a ton about when I started watching his tape. Other than his name, of course,” Cosell said. “I really, really liked his tape. Long, athletic, multi-positional. Can play inside. That’s probably where he’ll play the most in the NFL. I thought, as a three-technique, he was the best three-technique in this draft.”

That’s some rather high praise. Cosell also thought Hall was a better prospect than Devonte Wyatt, whom many Buccaneers fans wanted heading into the draft. Many questioned the Buccaneers’ decision to trade back and eventually select Hall as opposed to taking Wyatt at 27, but Cosell’s words should help put those who remain upset or worried at ease.

“He [Hall] was drafted after Devonte Wyatt from Georgia. I like Logan Hall’s tape more than I like Devonte Wyatt,” said Cosell. “… By my tape study, Logan Hall was a really strong prospect and I thought Tampa made a really good pick, there.”

The Buccaneers are in dire need of a 3T that can not only play the run, but get after the passer. Hall, while a rookie, should be able to step in and help with that in 2021. He’ll certainly have plenty of opportunities to do so whether Suh returns or not.

But, if Suh doesn’t return, then Hall figures to see a lot of playing time in 2021. Per Sports Info Solutions, Suh logged over 450 snaps at 3-tech in 2021. Unless something goes wrong in regard to his development, Logan is bound to take a piece out of that pie.

And based off what Cosell says, the Buccaneers are going to be better off for it.

You can listen to the full episode of Tape Heads, here.

Featured image via Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports